Merino Wool Nappy Liners

Merino Wool Stay-Dry Reusable Nappy Liners for cloth diapers (Set of 2)- Pack of 2 Easy clean diaper liners for Washable & Reusable cloth diapers

BabyChuckles India's 1st Merino Wool Natural Stay-Dry, Feel-Dry Nappy Liners for cloth diapers, Merino wool liners are made of fine 100% Merino Wool front layer & back layer with 100% organic cotton. These nappy liners harness the power of pure merino to work year round, giving your baby a cozy sleep during all four seasons. Merino Wool being naturally skin friendly and climate managing makes it the best fabric to go next to your baby's skin. Merino wool covers have almost superhero properties. They have natural odor fighting agents and can be air dried for weeks before needing to be washed (unless they get soiled).

Key features:

1) DRY-FEEL: BabyChuckles Merino Wool Liners are used with cloth diapers by placing them on top. Being high-quality Merino wool front layer, these keep the baby bum dry. You can use it with any diaper which does not have dry-feel.

2) POWER OF TWO: Merino Liners are made of two natural fabrics 100% Merino Wool that goes next to skin of the baby for the dry-feel & second layer of 100% organic cotton for extra absorption.

3) EASY CLEAN: Merino Wool liners when used with cloth diapers hold all the solid mess / poop in them. Merino wool is natural Anti-Bacterial, Odour-resistant, This ensures that the diapers are super easy to clean! just wash the liners (much easier to wash than entire diaper) and you are good to go. 

4) THERMO-REGULATOR: Unlike any other fiber, merino wool will keep baby warm, without feeling damp or clammy, even when it’s wet. It absorbs moisture both between the fibers and inside of them, so it feels dry. In fact, it can absorb a massive 35% of its weight in water and still keep its warming properties!

5) NATURAL & BIO-DEGRADABLE: Merino Wool is a natural fiber grown year-round by Merino sheep.

6) UNIVERSAL SIZING: Merino wool cloth diapers liners are generously sized at 34x15 cm, giving fuller and proper coverage.

We use organic cotton trims(stitches)  which makes it more sustainable & bio degradable, this helps to keep our babies, environment & earth happy.

Universal Size:  34 * 15 cm

Material - 100% Merino Wool Next to skin + 100% Organic Cotton outer layer.

Merino wool nappy liners have almost superhero properties. They have natural odor fighting agents and can be air dried for weeks before needing to be washed (unless they get soiled). 

At BabyChuckles we offer only products made of new fabric and aim to reduce wastage as much as possible by using them for making artistic products.

Washing care of the product:

Wool can be reused multiple times in a row until the wool feels cool or damp. When this occurs, lay your wool flat to dry and reuse once it is dry. It is time to wash the wool cover when it remains smelly while dry or if the wool becomes soiled. 

When necessary, to be hand washed, washed in the hand wash cycle or wool cycle in the washing machine at room temperature and to be dried by placing on a towel and letting the product dry in order to preserve the shape.