Wool Care

How to use wool as a diaper cover

Wool diaper covers come in a variety of types and styles, and are primarily used as a water-resistant diaper cover over a flat, pre-fold or fitted. Wool can be reused multiple times in a row until the wool feels cool or damp. When this occurs, lay your wool flat to dry and reuse once it is dry. It is time to wash the wool cover when it remains smelly while dry or if the wool becomes soiled.

When using wool be sure to use it over diapers that contain enough absorbency for baby. Even though wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight before feeling wet, relying too heavily on wool can lead to compression leaks.

Caring For Your Wool

The safest way to ensure proper care of your wool is to always handwash.

To Hand-wash: Fill your sink with a few inches of lukewarm water and a drop of your favorite mild baby wash / wool wash. Lay the wool in the water and gently swirl it until it is fully saturated. If your wool has any dirty spots gently manipulate the wool to work them out. Drain the dirty water and rinse the wool with fresh lukewarm water.

Wool Diapers ready to go

Everyone into the pool!

Scrubbing out nasty bits.


Transferred out one by one.

Back in for the rinse!

Squishy, squishy.

*Note: Never twist or wring wool, simply fold and press out as much water as you can.

Source-Credit: https://fluffloveuniversity.com/how-to-wash-cloth-diapers/wool-care/