Elephant design Merino wool baby sleep bag / sleep sack, 2 Months - 2 Years

Made with fine and breathable 100% merino wool, it helps to keep your baby warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. This temperature regulation means that your baby will sleep comfortably throughout the night– and that means a better night’s sleep for you too.

It comes in a universal size that fits babies from 2 months to 2 years. So, instead of buying a different sleeping bag for different seasons, as well as buying larger ones as they grow, you just need one BabyChuckles sleep bag for your baby, up until they turn two!

Sleep bag Temperature guide: the BabyChuckles 4 Season merino Sleep Bag can be used year-round. It’s suitable for room temperature 64-82F (18-28C). Because of merino’s unique ability to regulate body temperature.

Material: 100% Organic cotton with Organic dye printed - 180 GSM. 100% Merino wool Natural - 260 GSM

Why Merino Wool: Anti-Bacterial, Odor-resistant, Thermo-regulator, Moisture control, Breathable, UV-Protection

Size:  As for the size of our merino baby sleeping bag, the length is 91 cm (35.4 inches) and the width at the feet is 46 cm (18.1 inches).

Key Features:

1) 100% Natural Silky-soft hypoallergenic merino wool lining.

2) Finest 100% organic cotton with organic dye printed outer fabric.

3) For the stitch(trims) we use 100% organic cotton, we offer finest natural fiber material to your baby.

4) This can be used for babies 2 months up to 2  years old. For smaller babies, simply close the   underarm snaps to adjust the fit.

5) Natural & bio degradable, good for both Babies & Earth.

6) Lead & Nickle free snap buttons, YKK Zippers

 7) Helps your baby stay covered through the night, replaces loose blankets in the crib and promotes back sleeping.

Washing care of the product:

Wool can be reused multiple times in a row until the wool feels cool or damp. When this occurs, lay your wool flat to dry and reuse once it is dry. It is time to wash the wool cover when it remains smelly while dry or if the wool becomes soiled.  

Gentle machine Wash in the Hand Wash Cycle or Wool Wash Cycle in the washing machine at room temperature or 30°C using a quality liquid wool wash and to be flat dried

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